Professional Indemnity Insurance for Business Rescue Practitioners

Shackleton Risk provides Professional Indemnity Insurance tailored for Business Rescue Practitioners.

We offer specialised coverage in two ways:

  1. Our bespoke individual matter policy is designed for specific rescues, with premiums included as part of rescue expenses.
  2. Our bespoke blanket policy covers multiple matters.

The policy indemnifies the Practitioner for gross negligence concerning a named company, with the premium paid by the company in rescue. Additionally, the policy allows the Insured to choose a 12, 24, or 36-month extended reporting period (ERP) during which the Practitioner can file a claim (subject to policy terms and conditions).

Coverage includes Professional Indemnity (PI), Fidelity Guarantee (FG), and Misappropriation of Trust Funds (MOTF), with an excess applicable for each class.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance for Business Rescue Practitioners

The Fidelity Guarantee (FG) product we offer to our Business Rescue Practitioners (BRP) stands out for its unique feature: it indemnifies the company undergoing rescue against theft committed by the BRP. Similar to the Professional Indemnity (PI) policy, the premium is covered by the company in rescue.

Clients can choose from three coverage options:

  1. Blanket Basis: Provides coverage for all staff members within the organization.
  2. Named Positions Basis: Covers specific positions within the organization, such as accountant, bookkeeper, or office manager.
  3. Named Persons Basis: Insures specific individuals within the organization.

For further details or to arrange a consultation, please contact your local broker.