Financial Service Providers

Professional & Financial Risks Insurance for the Financial Services Sector.

Financial service providers such as Financial Advisors/Wealth Managers, Insurance Brokers, Investment, Asset and Fund Managers, Stockbrokers and the like are facing increasing exposures and pressures as a result of volatile markets, high expectations from Clients, often with litigious attitudes, plus a much more stringent Regulatory environment.

The coverage we offer includes: -

  1. Professional Indemnity and/or Civil Liability Insurance: Protects against claims from clients due to actual or alleged negligent acts, errors, and/or omissions. This policy covers damages (if awarded against you) and the costs of legal defence and claim mitigation expenses.
  2. Crime Insurance: Safeguards against theft or fraud committed by employees and/or third parties.
  3. Directors & Officers Management Liability Insurance: Offers coverage for individuals and the company against claims of mismanagement or wrongful acts in their capacity as directors/managers of the company and its activities."


Claims Examples:

Professional Indemnity/Civil Liability coverage.

  1. Failed to execute trades correctly or timeously,
  2. Did not follow and/or monitor Mandates,
  3. Failure of Protocols,
  4. Failure to conduct accurate Needs Analysis or incorrect Advice arising therefrom,
  5. No clear Record of Advice or errors arising therefrom,
  6. Incorrect Advice or Placement of Short-term insurance,
  7. Failure or error of counterparty,
  8. Incorrect Advice/Recommendation e.g. on Pension Fund or Private Investments.

D&O/Management liability coverage.

  1. Accusation of Reckless Trading,
  2. Suits from Creditors and/or Suppliers,
  3. Employment-related acts,
  4. Accusations arising out of Regulatory and/or Statutory non-compliance,
  5. Breaches of Social, Environmental and Ethical standards.

Crime coverage.

  1. Fraudulent EFT transfers by Employee,
  2. Fraudulent invoicing by Employee,
  3. Hacking into systems and/or fraudulent transacting/transfer by a third party.

Our Purpose

Shackleton Risk Management is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of liability insurance, with a focus on providing clarity and control to our clients, especially working professionals throughout South Africa. Traditionally, the realm of liability insurance has been dominated by large insurance companies, often clouding the true value and necessity of their offerings. This lack of transparency has resulted in unnecessary spending on coverage that may not be essential, driven by pressure to stick with established providers out of fear of making a misstep and overpaying for vital risk protection.

We reject these practices and are committed to empowering our clients with knowledge and tailored options that meet their specific needs. Through transparent risk insurance and management services, Shackleton Risk Management enables professionals to confidently navigate the complexities of liability insurance. Our aim is to ensure that they pay only for the risk coverage they truly require as they progress in their respective fields.