What to do when you receive a letter of complaint and/or summons?

If you receive a complaint or summons, it is important to take immediate action to protect your interests. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Contact your insurance broker or insurer: Your insurance broker or insurer can provide guidance on how to handle the complaint or summons and can connect you with legal counsel if needed.
  2. Gather documentation: Collect any relevant documentation related to the incident, such as medical records, consent forms, and communication records.
  3. Review the complaint or summons: Review the complaint or summons carefully to understand the allegations being made against you.
  4. Do not admit fault or liability: It is important not to admit fault or liability without first consulting with legal counsel.
  5. Respond to the complaint or summons: You may be required to respond to the complaint or summons within a certain timeframe. Failure to respond can result in a default judgment being entered against you.
  6. Cooperate with your insurer: Your insurer may conduct an investigation into the incident and may require your cooperation in the process.
  7. Attend all hearings or court dates: If the complaint or summons proceeds to court, it is important to attend all hearings and court dates (subject to the advice of counsel and/ or legal representative).

Remember, the specific steps you need to take may depend on the circumstances of your case (including what your insurerā€™s policy wording states). It is important to consult with your insurance broker or insurer for guidance on how to proceed.

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